Found documents, phone and other valuables. What to do?

Often people find other people’s things and do not know where they should seek to bring them back to the owner. You need to find someone who has lost what you found.

Online lost property office — is already a reality

The modern world provides plenty of opportunities to resolve any issue, without leaving home. You do not need to stick ads wherever you find someone else a thing as it used to be earlier, before in our life appeared online. Now you need to spend only a few minutes to visit our website and fill in the announcement of the discovery, after going through all described in detail in the form of steps. Explore, how our lost and found works, and you will be able to regain lost someone passport, technical passport, driving license, mobile phone quickly and easily, for a reasonable fee or free of charge simply by a desire to help people who are in a difficult situation.

You can also place ads on our website about the found animals that will return to their respective owners.

Important to remember

Filling out the form ad, responding to feedback on it, did not immediately disclose complete information about yourself and the things found. Keep in mind that often there are scammers who received from someone else you may require holders of a significant amount of funds for the return of missing or just leave valuable thing or the document itself.

Before you give the owner of the thing, be sure to demand a maximum full description of it and asked to name any specific items, if any, are known only to those who belong to this thing. our Administration Service tries to protect users from illegal acts by blocking them. However, if it happens that you encounter fraudsters (it is almost impossible), please notify us using the form «Contact Us» at the bottom of the site.

Turning to the lost property office in order to return the thing beloved pet owner, you are helping people and thereby increase their good deeds. Tell us about this useful service to friends and acquaintances. We would also be grateful for any financial support for our initiatives useful. To provide such assistance, please use the button «Support the project.»