Frequently asked questions

  • How does online «LuckFind» works?

    To understand the principle of the lost property office «LuckFind», please visit How it works page

  • How to publish an ad?

    To post an ad, you need to register and take a few steps: the first step, you select a category or finding missing and enter basic information announcements; the second step you need to enter the amount of remuneration for the return of the lost, if you think it necessary, and your contact information; in the final, third step, you load an optional but important for a successful search, information: keywords or the discovery of the missing, the city and the place of finding things or loss, photos, important details, etc. After verification of the declaration by the site administrator will be published.

  • Do I have to pay for the ad placement?

    Placing ads is completely free.

  • What can I register as a loss or discovery?

    Register can be almost everything, under the current legislation of Ukraine.

  • Can an outsider to know me a list of registered lost or found items, their descriptions and my personal information?

    Your contact information is available to the administrator, and in the case of successful identify you as the owner of things, will be available to the user to whom you allow to open your contacts.

  • Possible fraud in the process of returning lost on this site?

    Probability open contact information fraudster almost zero. You yourself are considering the responses to your ads and decide whether to send the user to your contact information.

  • Where and when can I expect a response to my ad?

    By registering once on the left top of the page by clicking on the "My apps", you can view the activity of your ads, allow or refuse to open contacts.

  • How to manage your ad?

    «My Ads» page list contains all the necessary functions for editing each of your ads.

  • How to use the search engine on the site?

    Ads are indexed every hour and will be available in the search for keywords, description and title.

  • How to help the project?

    Assist the development of the project, you can send us any suggestions, comments related to the work site; Tell someone you know about this resource; posting information on our Lost and Found on your website, on the pages of social networks to explain to people, which should be treated, in case of loss or discovery to help those who got into trouble.