Lost important documents or valuable thing? What to do?

Unfortunately, no one is immune from this. You lose everything, but a lot can be returned if you try.

Have you lost an important thing or documents for you. The first thing you do — restore the chain of events, the circumstances in which you discover the loss. Then you follow the route once again, moving on which you have previously supposedly lost their thing. All of this is to make sure. If these steps fail, then, of course, you see fit to paste up ads on the incident to the alleged loss of the area to return the item and, most of all, for a fee.

Do not rush to paste ads on poles and spend their time. Just go online and post free ads about the loss of our online lost property office. It’s fast and very effective. The incident you know a lot of people. Moreover, use the search on the site: it may well be that someone has found your item and declared its discovery. Find out how our service works rains, lost license plates. Tell about that.

If you are especially dear to the fact that you have lost, have announced a reward for the return of his belongings. Very often it works. Not all people are disinterested, unfortunately. Some are ready to return other people’s only for a certain amount.

Important to remember.

Getting feedback on your ads, do not forget about scams. Do not give all the details once the missing items, make the finder as fully describe the subject. In no case do not put money on the card account to withdraw the people, promising to return your item after payment of remuneration. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form «Contact Us» at the bottom of the site. We will help you.